Dog Friendly Vacations:

Summer is Coming Don’t Forget Your Dog!

Summer vacation is coming what are going to do? I mean with your dog. Many times I have clients call me the week they leave for vacation to ask me what they should do with their dog or what kennel is best. Everyone is so busy now days that their dogs get pushed to the back burner. Planning ahead will make a huge difference in the amount of stress you will have right before you leave for summer vacation.

Today I am going to give you some tips on having a great summer vacation with or without your dog. Now I know that some folks will say that putting a dog in a kennel not the right thing to do but I look at it as a personal preference. Some people plan their vacation around their dog’s others don’t. Don’t feel guilty either way. It’s your vacation and more importantly it’s your dog, do what’s right for you.

The first thing you need to do is decide if you want to bring your dog along on your vacation. If you decide to do that then here is a list of things you may want to consider. Prepare your dog by pre-training before you leaveStart looking now for dog friendly hotels and motels. Find an emergency vet in the area you’ll be staying.

Doing some pre-training before you leave will help your dog to be ready to listen and behave well while you’re gone. Just a half an hour a few times a week reviewing your obedience and working on distractions will go a long way to making sure your dog will be on his best behavior. Get online and look for dog friendly hotels ahead of time. Don’t wait for the last minute. Remember to ask about insurance should something happen. Find an emergency veterinarian in the area around where you will be staying so that you know who to call and where to go if something bad happens.

If you’re going to leave your dog in a kennel start looking now. Ask friends or local veterinarians if they have someone they recommend. Do some research and if possible take a drive and see what the place is all about. Here are some things to consider when you get there.

  • Is the place clean?
  • Do you hear a lot of unnecessary barking?
  • Do they take the dogs out of their runs to play in a paddock area during the day?

What you smell can or better yet what you don’t smell can tell you volumes about a kennel. If the place smells of urine and stool then chances are they don’t clean that often and that means you move to the next kennel on your list. Incessant barking adds stress to all the dogs involved. If they don’t control the problem your dog could end up not eating or sleeping well and that can lead to weight loss and lower immunities. Not having a chance for fresh air and to get extra energy out can cause your dog to develop bad habits.

Things like excessive barking, jumping and chewing stem can be caused by staying in a constant state of frustration. Exercise can bleed off some of the stress and frustration and allow your dog to relax.No matter how you end up doing things just remember plan ahead and use some common sense.

Have a great summer and if your dog needs a tune up before you leave make sure you give us a call. We have programs to meet all of your training needs.

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